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Alpine tent

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Alpine tent

An alpine tent has a unique round shape that brings out the beauty of your function, this is good for big numbers weddings, church services, government conferences, give aways etc. These come in different sizes that are adjustable according to client’s size of function.


Our alpine tent is built to withstand any weather condition, with a waterproof and UV-resistant canopy to protect you and your guests from the elements. The tent's sturdy frame is made from high-quality aluminum, ensuring stability and durability even in high winds. The tent's unique design allows for quick and easy assembly, making it a breeze to set up and take down for any outdoor event.

Whether you're hosting a wedding, a corporate event, or any other large-scale event, our alpine tent provides ample space to accommodate all your guests comfortably. With a spacious interior and high ceilings, this tent is perfect for both seated and standing events. The tent's large windows also provide plenty of natural light and fresh air, making it an inviting space for all your guests to enjoy.

Best for

  • Wedding:
    Outdoor wedding receptions
  • Corporate:
    Like product launches or conferences
  • Festivals:
    Large outdoor festivals
  • Concerts:
    Perfect shelter for attendees
  • Product launches:
    Perfect shelter for attendees
  • Other:
    Any other out door event